Wallaga Lake National Park Morning Walk

02/01/2017: Green under-story grasses are now brown due to cycling weather patterns. This is summer, Dennis Leary’s Assholes are again saying ‘how about this heat’, and climate change is still in it’s infancy. It must be, CO2 levels have just cracked 400 parts per million at Cape Grim, Tasmania. Weather science modelling is notoriously inaccurate, BOM rates itself at around 50/50, enabling us the luxury of waiting and seeing. Climate science modelling is unlikely to be as good as weather models, there are heaps of unknown elements influencing climate. Anthropocene environmental changes are happening and CO2 generated by mankind’s yearning for bright shiny things contributes. ‘Anthropocene’ being the name given to this geological epoch populated by 7 billion bi-pedal mammals, and in the scale of time it might be a bit arrogant. Dinosaurs lived here for tens of millions of years and evidence relating to life on Earth indicates that life is routinely snuffed out by much bigger cataclysms than a few greedy humans knocking of a few mammals and themselves. The mountains split asunder, the skies go black, the seas turn to acid and those beings incapable of adaptation are rendered extinct. The survivors; a giant biomass of simple organisms, trillions of tons of insects, and a much lesser number of more complicated beasties. Those whose job is to rebuild a rich mix of life on the planet. Bright shiny things are not included.



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