Little Red and the Nemises

Five youthful wives, good castle, and food never stops. Add to that a security system featuring guards, dogs, and mesh. Well we all blunder on occasions, vulpes vulpes live by our mistakes. “John, John the grey goose is gone, the fox is out on the town oh!”. Bugger, lost my four fulsome hens and my own life, I am the Little Red Rooster of Willie Dixon and the Rolling Stones. In that “aint no peace in the barnyard since he’s been gone.”. The survivor, a wily red chook, will miss us, our keepers will miss us, and the currawongs will get unlimited access to a food supply. To quote The Don, “Sad”.
Hi, as a keeper of the fowl my remorse is devastating. My keeper and I haven’t had an egg breakfast for days, had to buy a dozen from sister Bobbie, $5. Pondering; is it worth owning chooks. Probably not in $ terms but they were my friends, organic garbage recyclers, and friendly suppliers of fresh eggs. Planning to score some year old retired free range layers, wily red ones this time, not beautiful, big bottomed Sussex girls. They wont fight. But, such is farm life and death, move on Art, foxie’s cubs will now grow up to ensure we replace our chickens regularly.


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