Who Wants Their Junk Culture

Since WWII the world has been subject to an encroaching US cultural octopus. An intrusion that is diminishing global cultural diversity, as destructively as pollution does in biological ecosystems. During WWII US cultural intrusion so antagonised our nation that it was commonly said of GIs based here was that they were “overpaid, over sexed and over here”. US cultural intrusion has escalated, we now have junk food, trashy Hollywood movies, sexualisation of children, predatory pharmaceutical manufacturers ripping off the desperate and the disgraceful politicisation of climate change problems by fossil fuel interests. It is no surprise that Ford F trucks are the top selling vehicles of 2016 in the US. Why, thanks to oil company political donations petrol (gas to Americans) sells for around 75 cents a litre? Those merchants of death, the National Rifle Association (NRA), use membership dollars and weapons manufacturer donations to sway Congress to allow unfettered firearms sales to all. Excuse me, you dopey bastards, this is driving rampant small arms violence and the killing thousands of US civilians by US civilians. Regarding America’s simplistic version of English, the spell check on WordPress keeps trying to make me use a “z” instead of an “s” in words that end in “…..i’s’ation” and it tells me their is no such word as ‘ínarguably’.
Inarguably the USA’s ‘freedom to make money from anything’ culture generates great thinking and innovation resulting in globally used technologies. Mistakes are made, now they have legalised weed to increase revenue for state governments. But this extra revenue will be absorbed, the same controls needed for alcohol will have to be applied to weed. And due to the soporific effects of dope America’s innovation culture may well disappear, stoned people cannot design computer chips.
National arrogance plus a pervading ignorance of nations other than their own limits any positive outcomes of others’ interactions with the USA. Trump’s isolationism is a good thing in one way, it relieves the pressure of Americanisation of other cultures. Hopefully we will see a best case scenario of flourishing interactions, cultural growth and resulting diversity for all of humanity. Ecology clearly tells us that diversity of genetics, memes in the case of cultures, ensures survival of species, cultures, and establishment of durable symbiotic partnerships. Interactions between nations and cultures would surely obey the same processes as biological ecosystems. Others, the rest of the world, may well prove to be as creative and industrious as their American cousins.
In essence we must decide if we want to allow our lives to run by corporations owned by billionaires who have rarely engaged with other than their “fellow Americans” and Rupert Murdoch. This system has seduced our current crop of right wing, read conservative, politicians. They are convinced that if the rich get richer any funds they don’t hide in the Caribbean will trickle down to we the people. Arrant bullshit, if Global Inequality’s site claims are true, less than one percent of humans control more than 45% of global wealth, it becomes obvious to those on the bottom rungs of the economy that the trickle of wealth is upwards to the wealthy not downward to the rest of us. Economists, and our ever hopeful political masters, predict the future about as accurately as BOM’s weather forecasters. Models are at best guidelines, all kinds of unexpected, un-factorable events interfere with predicted outcomes. No one saw the Bolsheviks or Trump coming, neither the Czars nor Hillary Clinton’s advisers.

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