Wikipedia Funding

Hi, Wikipedia a cornucopia of information both good and bad. The site has inaccuracies of fact and truth, but it is very useful to researchers in that it provides directions to follow. It is not ‘peer reviewed’ no, but if users verify claims made they are protected from blunders of diligence.

This appeared on the site today, Sunday 18/12/2018:

‘To all our readers in Australia,It’s a little awkward, so we’ll get straight to the point: This Sunday we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia’s independence. We depend on donations averaging about $16.31, and only ask you for one gift a year. But most of our readers in Australia are not responding to our messages, and time is running out to help in 2018. If everyone reading this gave $3, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. The price of your Sunday coffee is all we need. People warned us not to make Wikipedia a non-profit. But if Wikipedia were commercial, it would be a great loss. Wikipedia unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the donors who keep us thriving. The heart of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to reliable information. Please take a minute to keep Wikipedia growing. Thank you.’

I can afford three dollars and I use PayPal for much of my online business. As an avid knowledge ‘Dyson’ I urge anyone reading this to donate so I can continue to use its fact and truth checked spurious ‘facts and truths’ to build entertaining and meaningful narratives for Readers. Unlike giving out card numbers to unscrupulous businesses and causes for impossible to stop recurring charges and donations PayPal lets the user get into account admin. and delete unwanted recurrent financial exsanguination.


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