Misdirection of Australia First’s Artillery

This post denigrated Bega’s major industrial employer because they make their product  halal. That is, it is permissible for committed Muslims. The post has been restricted by either FB or Australia First. It should have been left so we see the lack of understanding of Australia’s global trade successes and our dependence on them for the dollars needed to pave roads et cetera.

As Bega Cheese manufactures halal products as well as kosher food it would be simply designed to increase their market share and not to fund mosques. Indeed Bega Cheese released a press statement regarding this, see it at https://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/2983902/halal-certification-misunderstood-says-bega-cheese-national-accrediting-body/

They are business people and if they have to employ a Jew and a Muslim to ensure compliance with their markets, and we get to eat a better regulated product, who gives a rats’. Liken them to  statutory meat inspectors at the ‘abbers’. They would probably get on with one another too. We just signed a trade agreement with Indonesia, the largest Muslim population on Earth, how can they be sold cheese if it isn’t halal. Bega Cheese can’t be expected to take a commercial hit like that because of the  lack of thinking by some misinformed Australians?

In Australia the trouble at the moment is with rockspider clerics of all religious flavours and both genders being protected by religious management/marketing executives and their political mates. They’re called pastors, bishops, imams, grand imperial wazoos and all kinds of other pseudonyms, instead of MDs, and CEOs et cetera. But they are protecting their businesses (religion is a big money spinner) and jobs, and Australia First should get onto sorting out these fuckers and the other slime balls who run our governments by donation and lobby. Our system is sick and it is not because of two percent Muslims or any other minority it is because businesses, lobbyists and their tame politicians and not people run our land, and business cares about commercial survival and little else. Refer to the banking enquiry, aged care scandals in commercial residencies, cruelty to disabled folks by untrained carers being employed by government contractor service companies, woman basher/killer problems in our society only being addressed at election time because patriarchal big end of town blokes are still the dominant lobbyists and donors to the woman free (or almost free) parliament that runs our fair land, gigantic fish kills in inland rivers because the water was stolen without penalty by some mega-irrigator (a possible political donor), and finance business lobbyist directed attacks on our industry super-funds which are run by both industry-union representatives (business executives) and industry employers. And they outperform finance industry efforts by big margins. If elected governments can fix those kinds of shenanigans #wethepeople might have faith in their capacity to rule fairly and effectively.

Maybe we should treat the law as just guidelines, like big business does, they don’t go to jail. And vote independent, it doesn’t matter which one you vote for, they will be real people with their own opinions and real engagement with #wethepeople. Kick ’em out next time if they don’t cut it. Let public service bureaucratic advice to parliament run our country. It does anyway when egregious and stupid politicians stop lying and let it happen. They, bureaucrats, only answer to silly and tedious Senate questioners, then they go on with their business as usual lives.

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