A Place of Tranquillity and Creativity—Bermagui presents another quality art show

Whale Shark in Steel

Do you want to experience ‘inspiration and delight’ you should come to Bermagui next March? Sculpture Bermagui 2019 ran for ten days. Organised by the culturally rich Bermagui Community using local and visiting volunteers this art show was expansive featuring local and guest sculptors. A show enriched by local musicians playing tunes among the art, harmonising with winds and waves . The music in the pub was quite handy too, if you got dehydrated.
Outdoor sculptures were exhibited on Dickinson Park on the shores of Horseshoe Bay back-grounded by an imposing Gulaga (Mount Dromedary). After appreciating carved marine beasties, an indigenous weapons array and the solitary ‘rusty’ fisherman take an easy stroll in warm breezes and sunshine beside sparkling seas to nearby Dickinson Point Headland.
Overlooking huge Pacific swells crashing into cliffs lay a garden of sculptures framed by ancient Norfolk Island Pines, banksias and other coastal greenery. One admired a giant whale shark of recycled steel then interacting with a beautifully carved sandstone sphere sitting on a plinth, a gentle touch of a finger makes it spin. A walk down town takes sculpture lovers to Bermagui’s Community Centre. A delicate ‘polynesian’ sailing boat crewed by a tiny aluminium manikin juxtaposed to an intricately hued, beautifully crafted was a harmonious constrast. Baskets woven from spinifex and flax, wood carvings, composites of recycled materials, metallic forms and soapstone sculptures contrasted perfectly with the rugged outdoor art of the park and headland. There was much recycled material used in the exhibits, a good thing.

Spinning Ball of Stone

Sculptures can be owned, $170 for a woven basket to $140,000 for a complex form of cubes. Haggling is not encouraged, artists are not in attendance and Sculpture Bermagui gets a modest commission on sales, there are bills to pay.
Bermagui’s a picturesque seaside village, located just off the Princes Highway midway between Batemans Bay and Merimbula.
features more than ten places to eat, excellent coffee from a street side coffee bar, the open microphone at River Rock Café to hear some truly competent musos, Italian or Asian cuisine on the wharf or eat freshly caught fish cooked with chips. There is a curry house, a sourdough bakery and a patisserie for sandwiches, pies, breads, pastries and Vietnamese pork roll.
Accommodation is senior friendly, rates reflect seasonal pressures. Most Internet services are accessible via the strong phone tower signal.
Local, national and international artists entered works in 2019, check the website for this years exhibition. Sculpture Bermagui, 6th — 15th of March 2020.
Arthur Gatley—09/04/2019—arthurgaltey.net—arthurgatley2@gmail.com

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