This seventy and some year old fella lives in a cosy little cabin at the foot of Gulaga a mountain sacred to local Djiringanj-Yuin Aboriginal people. The still heavily forested Gulaga provides peace, water, and spirit as she presides over Nanjanuka and Barunguba.

My current major occupation is studying for an undergraduate degree at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. The  major discipline being studied is professional writing and publishing. Additionally it is an attempt at limiting cognitive decline.

So far so good, producing a smattering of distinctions, a plethora of credits and one stinkin’ pass. How that happened I will never know but it was an enjoyable topic, Semiotics, or how the media fucks with people’s reality. If you want to know more read Baudrillard’s wonderfully informative Simulacra and Simulation, worth a look in this fractious Trumpian, postmodern, post-truth era.

I am available for discussions, advice, development editing and copy editing  for budding, and other, writers of creative nonfiction plus diverse genres of fiction manuscripts.

Experience in chemistry, engineering, land management, water treatment, the wine industry, retailing and marketing enables  me to edit reports, academic papers and other manuscripts of most genres related to those disciplines.

There has been a lot of travel and work in East Asia, the Pacific, across the ocean to the continent of North America. Hard to relate what happened in less than 100,000 words so that may come later.

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