Misdirection of Australia First’s Artillery

This post denigrated Bega’s major industrial employer because they make their product  halal. That is, it is permissible for committed Muslims. The post has been restricted by either FB or Australia First. It should have been left so we see the lack of understanding of Australia’s global trade successes and our dependence on them for the dollars needed to pave roads et cetera.

As Bega Cheese manufactures halal products as well as kosher food it would be simply designed to increase their market share and not to fund mosques. Indeed Bega Cheese released a press statement regarding this, see it at https://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/2983902/halal-certification-misunderstood-says-bega-cheese-national-accrediting-body/

They are business people and if they have to employ a Jew and a Muslim to ensure compliance with their markets, and we get to eat a better regulated product, who gives a rats’. Liken them to  statutory meat inspectors at the ‘abbers’. They would probably get on with one another too. We just signed a trade agreement with Indonesia, the largest Muslim population on Earth, how can they be sold cheese if it isn’t halal. Bega Cheese can’t be expected to take a commercial hit like that because of the  lack of thinking by some misinformed Australians?

In Australia the trouble at the moment is with rockspider clerics of all religious flavours and both genders being protected by religious management/marketing executives and their political mates. They’re called pastors, bishops, imams, grand imperial wazoos and all kinds of other pseudonyms, instead of MDs, and CEOs et cetera. But they are protecting their businesses (religion is a big money spinner) and jobs, and Australia First should get onto sorting out these fuckers and the other slime balls who run our governments by donation and lobby. Our system is sick and it is not because of two percent Muslims or any other minority it is because businesses, lobbyists and their tame politicians and not people run our land, and business cares about commercial survival and little else. Refer to the banking enquiry, aged care scandals in commercial residencies, cruelty to disabled folks by untrained carers being employed by government contractor service companies, woman basher/killer problems in our society only being addressed at election time because patriarchal big end of town blokes are still the dominant lobbyists and donors to the woman free (or almost free) parliament that runs our fair land, gigantic fish kills in inland rivers because the water was stolen without penalty by some mega-irrigator (a possible political donor), and finance business lobbyist directed attacks on our industry super-funds which are run by both industry-union representatives (business executives) and industry employers. And they outperform finance industry efforts by big margins. If elected governments can fix those kinds of shenanigans #wethepeople might have faith in their capacity to rule fairly and effectively.

Maybe we should treat the law as just guidelines, like big business does, they don’t go to jail. And vote independent, it doesn’t matter which one you vote for, they will be real people with their own opinions and real engagement with #wethepeople. Kick ’em out next time if they don’t cut it. Let public service bureaucratic advice to parliament run our country. It does anyway when egregious and stupid politicians stop lying and let it happen. They, bureaucrats, only answer to silly and tedious Senate questioners, then they go on with their business as usual lives.

Wikipedia Funding

Hi, Wikipedia a cornucopia of information both good and bad. The site has inaccuracies of fact and truth, but it is very useful to researchers in that it provides directions to follow. It is not ‘peer reviewed’ no, but if users verify claims made they are protected from blunders of diligence.

This appeared on the site today, Sunday 18/12/2018:

‘To all our readers in Australia,It’s a little awkward, so we’ll get straight to the point: This Sunday we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia’s independence. We depend on donations averaging about $16.31, and only ask you for one gift a year. But most of our readers in Australia are not responding to our messages, and time is running out to help in 2018. If everyone reading this gave $3, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. The price of your Sunday coffee is all we need. People warned us not to make Wikipedia a non-profit. But if Wikipedia were commercial, it would be a great loss. Wikipedia unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the donors who keep us thriving. The heart of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to reliable information. Please take a minute to keep Wikipedia growing. Thank you.’

I can afford three dollars and I use PayPal for much of my online business. As an avid knowledge ‘Dyson’ I urge anyone reading this to donate so I can continue to use its fact and truth checked spurious ‘facts and truths’ to build entertaining and meaningful narratives for Readers. Unlike giving out card numbers to unscrupulous businesses and causes for impossible to stop recurring charges and donations PayPal lets the user get into account admin. and delete unwanted recurrent financial exsanguination.


Who Wants Their Junk Culture

Since WWII the world has been subject to an encroaching US cultural octopus. An intrusion that is diminishing global cultural diversity, as destructively as pollution does in biological ecosystems. During WWII US cultural intrusion so antagonised our nation that it was commonly said of GIs based here was that they were “overpaid, over sexed and over here”. US cultural intrusion has escalated, we now have junk food, trashy Hollywood movies, sexualisation of children, predatory pharmaceutical manufacturers ripping off the desperate and the disgraceful politicisation of climate change problems by fossil fuel interests. It is no surprise that Ford F trucks are the top selling vehicles of 2016 in the US. Why, thanks to oil company political donations petrol (gas to Americans) sells for around 75 cents a litre? Those merchants of death, the National Rifle Association (NRA), use membership dollars and weapons manufacturer donations to sway Congress to allow unfettered firearms sales to all. Excuse me, you dopey bastards, this is driving rampant small arms violence and the killing thousands of US civilians by US civilians. Regarding America’s simplistic version of English, the spell check on WordPress keeps trying to make me use a “z” instead of an “s” in words that end in “…..i’s’ation” and it tells me their is no such word as ‘ínarguably’.
Inarguably the USA’s ‘freedom to make money from anything’ culture generates great thinking and innovation resulting in globally used technologies. Mistakes are made, now they have legalised weed to increase revenue for state governments. But this extra revenue will be absorbed, the same controls needed for alcohol will have to be applied to weed. And due to the soporific effects of dope America’s innovation culture may well disappear, stoned people cannot design computer chips.
National arrogance plus a pervading ignorance of nations other than their own limits any positive outcomes of others’ interactions with the USA. Trump’s isolationism is a good thing in one way, it relieves the pressure of Americanisation of other cultures. Hopefully we will see a best case scenario of flourishing interactions, cultural growth and resulting diversity for all of humanity. Ecology clearly tells us that diversity of genetics, memes in the case of cultures, ensures survival of species, cultures, and establishment of durable symbiotic partnerships. Interactions between nations and cultures would surely obey the same processes as biological ecosystems. Others, the rest of the world, may well prove to be as creative and industrious as their American cousins.
In essence we must decide if we want to allow our lives to run by corporations owned by billionaires who have rarely engaged with other than their “fellow Americans” and Rupert Murdoch. This system has seduced our current crop of right wing, read conservative, politicians. They are convinced that if the rich get richer any funds they don’t hide in the Caribbean will trickle down to we the people. Arrant bullshit, if Global Inequality’s site claims are true, less than one percent of humans control more than 45% of global wealth, it becomes obvious to those on the bottom rungs of the economy that the trickle of wealth is upwards to the wealthy not downward to the rest of us. Economists, and our ever hopeful political masters, predict the future about as accurately as BOM’s weather forecasters. Models are at best guidelines, all kinds of unexpected, un-factorable events interfere with predicted outcomes. No one saw the Bolsheviks or Trump coming, neither the Czars nor Hillary Clinton’s advisers.

The sky’s falling in, no it’s not

The fire season, called summer in Australia, is here. Last year Associate Professor Alan March advised that building should be banned in bush fire zones. Other, calmer experts in the field of sustainable building disagreed, and rightly so. New fire safety building rules ensure survival of both dwellings and occupants. As the Guardian states replacement dwellings will not look like those destroyed by bush fire but they will allow owners to live in beautiful coastal areas surrounded by our wonderful eucalyptus forests which for millennia have burst into flame burning the majority of under-story, canopy and wild life residents in the forest. Fortuitously months after these events regrowth happens, native animals adapted to eucalyptus forest wild fire have sheltered in holes in the ground, on the south side of gradients, and in streams. They then start to breed up and repopulate, well supported by a flush of new growth on indigenous plant species well adapted to fire storms. A process of rebirth and regeneration, long before the fire event. Long ago our land had populations of giant marsupials, soft leaf forests and wetland environments. Climate change altered all that, and many animals became nocturnal possibly to beat the heat. Soft and wet disappeared, land dried out and vegetation became prone to burning, probably caused by lightning strike before human colonists ran burn regimes. Soft was replaced by hard, resilient fire resistant species. If we want to colonise eucalyptus forests we have to construct dwellings that offer robust fire resistance and havens for residents. Additionally fit for purpose access must be provided for fire control activity with secure water storage dedicated to fire control purposes, and accessible to water bombing aircraft. Those like Prof March need to take a deep breath and loosen up a bit to consider common sense solutions.


Little Red and the Nemises

Five youthful wives, good castle, and food never stops. Add to that a security system featuring guards, dogs, and mesh. Well we all blunder on occasions, vulpes vulpes live by our mistakes. “John, John the grey goose is gone, the fox is out on the town oh!”. Bugger, lost my four fulsome hens and my own life, I am the Little Red Rooster of Willie Dixon and the Rolling Stones. In that “aint no peace in the barnyard since he’s been gone.”. The survivor, a wily red chook, will miss us, our keepers will miss us, and the currawongs will get unlimited access to a food supply. To quote The Don, “Sad”.
Hi, as a keeper of the fowl my remorse is devastating. My keeper and I haven’t had an egg breakfast for days, had to buy a dozen from sister Bobbie, $5. Pondering; is it worth owning chooks. Probably not in $ terms but they were my friends, organic garbage recyclers, and friendly suppliers of fresh eggs. Planning to score some year old retired free range layers, wily red ones this time, not beautiful, big bottomed Sussex girls. They wont fight. But, such is farm life and death, move on Art, foxie’s cubs will now grow up to ensure we replace our chickens regularly.


Wallaga Lake National Park Morning Walk

02/01/2017: Green under-story grasses are now brown due to cycling weather patterns. This is summer, Dennis Leary’s Assholes are again saying ‘how about this heat’, and climate change is still in it’s infancy. It must be, CO2 levels have just cracked 400 parts per million at Cape Grim, Tasmania. Weather science modelling is notoriously inaccurate, BOM rates itself at around 50/50, enabling us the luxury of waiting and seeing. Climate science modelling is unlikely to be as good as weather models, there are heaps of unknown elements influencing climate. Anthropocene environmental changes are happening and CO2 generated by mankind’s yearning for bright shiny things contributes. ‘Anthropocene’ being the name given to this geological epoch populated by 7 billion bi-pedal mammals, and in the scale of time it might be a bit arrogant. Dinosaurs lived here for tens of millions of years and evidence relating to life on Earth indicates that life is routinely snuffed out by much bigger cataclysms than a few greedy humans knocking of a few mammals and themselves. The mountains split asunder, the skies go black, the seas turn to acid and those beings incapable of adaptation are rendered extinct. The survivors; a giant biomass of simple organisms, trillions of tons of insects, and a much lesser number of more complicated beasties. Those whose job is to rebuild a rich mix of life on the planet. Bright shiny things are not included.