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Writing advertising copy service is supported by marketing training and practice. Twenty years of wine trading and judging has honed strategic selling practices.

Discussion Papers

Featuring research and analysis focused on issues of concern are designed to encourage engagement and between stakeholders, communities, politicians and other interested parties; discussion papers are documents that put forward research, ideas or opinions germane to discussion of a particular issue.


Writing a submission is a complex and time consuming task. In the case of a funding application the first step is to do research to find out if funding is available for your intended purpose. Next step is to establish your organisation’s eligibility for funding. The following step is planning and preparation of the submission. After establishing the argument/s justifying the application the submission is developed. Then and only then is the submission framed and created into a publishable form. Submissions are projects that need a diversity of inputs, we can provide logical analysis of your arguments/s and then write and edit the submission for approval.

Media Release

If your community group or your business needs to get media coverage to promote a cause you need a media release. A media release is a fairly exact document. It needs to be concise, accurate and to have sources clearly identified. Additionally it has to exhibit a clear release date.

SpeechPublic address for QCoast2100’s Project manager
Ministerial AdviceAdvice to a government minister regarding coastal damage blamed on agricultural runoff
Policy AnalysisPrepared for government due to a health sector attempt to have sugar-sweetened beverages taxed to mitigate obesity
Media ReleasePress release notifying coastal residents public meetings focused on coastal inundations
Discussion PaperThis paper analyses roles of governments in protecting and mitigating coastal storm damage
Critical Analyses of a Racist Political ArgumentA Ban the Buqa push by a community group is analysed using classical critical thinking based logical process
Argumentative EssayThis piece examines the role of US media in politicising human contributions to global heating
Social Networking Site and CommunityThis examines the possibility of using Facebook-groups to assist older folks mitigating social isolation’s negative effect
Textual PortraitsThree portraits: 1) a local hero, 2) dairy-products workers on the job, and 3) a contemporary philosopher
Memoir After a motorcycle accident at 18 years of age the ramifications of this on an ageing body are discussed
Writing on WritingA discussion on the ethical position of creative nonfiction writers
Creative NonfictionAn interview with a long term resident of this region; Mal Dibden’s conservation story
A Literary ReviewAn analysis of an article on the history and existential ramifications of the demise of the Montreal Melon
A Research DocumentResearch into mitigating circumstances of a fatal road accident to be presented to a sentencing hearing.
Portfolio Documents

List of Professionally Written Purpose Focused Documents

Research Reports

Reports on research projects can be fully prepared, or can be reviewed prior to presentation to audiences such as journals or industry events.

Plea letters

Sometimes in life we are required to attend court proceedings. In these cases it can be beneficial to provide the bench with a letter asserting the good character and remorse of the accused.

Website Content

Writing content for your website can be difficult and time consuming. A busy business person can find it difficult to get time to write content when running the day to day tasks of small business. Paying a professional to do the job makes sense.

Let Us Write Your Letter

Sometimes we need to write a letter, in our own voice, and in a form that will do the job required. Some letters are to let neighbours know their rooster is waking you up at three in the morning, or you need to tell a bereaved person of your grief and support, or telling someone they have offended you. There are many letters that need to have more weight than an email.

Ministerial Advice

Ministerial advice does not have to come from a public sector employee. Should a member of the public need to ensure a government minister fully understands an issue it can be necessary to provide advice in short form. Such people will won’t read a long winded polemic.

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Why You Need A Writer

There are many reasons to engage a professional writer. From crafting a haiku for ones lover to writing 50,000 words of a position paper on an environmental issue.

We can confidently and professionally create words you need in a style that suits the purpose of your needs.

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